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  • What are your office hours?
    9am until 5pm (emergency calls only during lunch)
  • Will I always see the same doctor? (Can I switch doctors?)
    We enjoy seeing our patients! And the relationship that develops between the physician and patient family is an important part of our philosophy. For that reason, well visits will only be scheduled with your doctor of record. At times, for sick visits only, you may be seen by the on-call physician when your regular doctor is out for vacation, etc. For the sake of continuity and good patient care, we do not allow changing primary physicians for the sake of convenience.
  • Why must I schedule my well visits in advance?
    Because we value the care we are able to offer during well-visits, we schedule enough time during “check-ups” to cover all medical concerns you may have. We also know that our sick patients need attention on short notice. With these priorities in mind please understand that it is best to schedule well visits as far in advance as possible. Also know that on any given day we are able to see your child for an office visit when necessary! All physicians make exceptions to our schedules when necessary, so feel free to request help with scheduling via the nurse if your circumstances require a well visit on short notice. We always do our best to accommodate your needs.
  • Why can't I schedule a sick visit in advance?
    Because children’s medical issues can change rapidly, we plan for same-day office visits for most all circumstances. That usually makes appointment scheduling easier for patients, but we understand that sometimes your schedule may warrant planning ahead for certain problems. When special scheduling considerations are necessary, please contact your physician’s nurse so that we can help facilitate your needs.
  • When are immunizations given?
    Immunizations are given at many of the first two years’ visits, and again at the 4 year-visit. Other than seasonal Flu vaccines, there are normally no vaccines t visits between 4 years and 11 years. Well-visits during these years are used to monitor growth, development, and any chronic issues that your child may have. Click to link to immunization schedule.
  • Can I call with questions?
    Yes! Please leave your questions with your physician’s nurse. If she is not available at the time of your call we strive to answer messages as soon as possible. Phone calls requesting clinical information cannot be answered by our front-desk staff.
  • What if I need advice when the office is closed?
    The physician on-call is available for urgent matters after hours. We are able to help when you are worried if you believe that an ER visit may be necessary. Please limit these calls to urgent concerns, and we can help guide you regardless of the circumstance. Often we are able to reassure your worries and plan for an office visit the next day.
  • Do you offer visits over the weekend?
    Our office hours are 9am - 5 pm. Although we have no scheduled office hours on the weekend, our on-call physicians frequently meet families on weekend mornings when possible for sick visits. This can be arranged by paging the on-call physician between 8am and 10am on the weekend so that arrangements can be made for meeting at the office.
Frequently Asked Questions
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