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Palmetto Poison Center

Palmetto Poison Center is our trusted source for free poison and toxicology advice in South Carolina. Calls can range from accidental and intentional ingestion of poisonous substances and medications to adverse drug effects, occupational exposures, envenomations, and biochemical disasters. Over 50% of calls involve exposures in patients under the age of six. A majority of the time we can reassure the caller and provide advice for safe observation at home, avoiding a costly trip to the emergency room.


Store Poisons Safely

  • Keep medicines and household products locked up when not in use

  • Keep products in their original container

  • Use child-resistant package (Caution: Nothing is 'child-proof')

  • Use Mr. Yuk stickers to label cabinets where chemicals are stored


Use Poisons Safely

  • Read labels and follow directions

  • When kids are around, take the product or medicine with you to answer the door or phone

  • Lock up products immediately after use

  • Don't call medicines "candy"


Teach Children to 'Ask First'

  • Poisons can look like food or drink

  • Teach your kids to ask an adult before eating or drinking anything

The Palmetto Poison Center serves the entire state of South Carolina. Call 1-800-222-1222 for information regarding poison prevention and treatment of exposures. If you move or travel, the same phone number reaches the nearest poison control center or the local center as related to your phone number's area code. 

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