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COVID-19 Update

We are grateful to our patients’ families for all your support of our office safety measures, so that kids can keep up with their immunizations and wellness visits! Mount Pleasant Pediatrics strives to educate and help our families deal with COVID-19 infections in our community. We encourage all of our patients to be vigilant regarding social distancing, wearing masks when engaging in closer contact with others, and strict hand-washing procedures.

As new COVID cases are recognized in our community and our patients and families are potentially exposed, it is helpful to understand a few nuances of COVID-19 testing.

*Testing supplies are limited and not plentiful enough to test patients who have no symptoms but may have been exposed to a COVID-positive person.

*Testing results are not perfect, and negative tests cannot clear a person who may be contagious from appropriate quarantine protocols.

*We are still currently relying on the virtual screening at MUSC Children's Hospital to identify patients who should be tested for the virus.

*We are happy to help families manage sickness, whether COVID-related or not. Depending on the nature of your child's illness, we may recommend a telehealth visit or a traditional in-office (or parking lot) visit with your doctor.

Again, thank you for your support in this difficult time.

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