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Water Safety and Drowning Prevention

This blog is adapted from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

As summer is underway and children enjoy water activities in pools, in the ocean and everything in between, we wanted to remind families of ways to keep their children safe. Drowning is the single-leading cause of death among children aged 1-4, and a top cause of death among teens. But drowning is preventable and access to swimming skills can save lives.

Families have an important role to play in adding layers of protection when children are enjoying the water. These items include:

- Choosing safe places to swim

- Learning to recognize hidden obstacles and rip currents

- Assigning a ‘Water Watcher’ – an adult who will pay constant attention to swimmers

- Requiring children to wear life jackets while on boats

Mount Pleasant Pediatrics joins other clinics and community organizations in promoting learning how to swim as an important life skill, in addition to a fun way for kids to exercise.

More tips and resources can be found through this link:

We hope our families have a great and safe summer in the water!

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