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Back to School!

Many parents have been asking about our pediatricians’ back to school and daycare recommendations for the upcoming school year. As a collective, we agree that the best decision is the one that you make for your family– we support you! Each family has unique circumstances, resources, and abilities that influence their choice to send their kids to in-person schools, to choose virtual learning, or to do a hybrid version of the two. What we do recommend is for parents to be educated in their decision-making process. Some important questions to ask about on-site learning include:

  • What types of health screening will be practiced?

  • Who will be allowed on campus?

  • Will masks be required? And if so, during what activities or times?

  • What is the protocol if someone starts feeling sick?

  • What is the protocol if a student or peer has a positive COVID test?

In addition, we recommend that families choosing in-person options create back-up plans in case their child is ever recommended to quarantine or if schools end up going virtual for additional periods of time. Of course, we are always here to answer any questions you may have or if you wish to discuss your plans or concerns further.

Here’s a throwback picture of one our doctors going back to school. Can you guess who it is?

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