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COVID 19 NEW Flu Clinic requirements

We need your help to stay safe!

To make Flu clinic contactless, we are REQUIRING that everyone attending flu clinic:

**Have flu forms completely filled out prior to appointment. These forms can be found on our website for you to print and complete at home. 

**Please come to your appointment at the scheduled time. We are asking you to remain outside or stay in your vehicles until it is your scheduled appointment time

**Parent flu shots MUST be paid at least 24 hrs before appointment

**Send updated insurance information via fax 843-884-3690 or email to Please include policy holder name and DOB, children(s) names and DOB who are covered.

**If you are a new patient to our practice and have never been seen, please call the office to schedule your flu shot with your provider

**Check your child’s temperature and make sure they do not have a fever before coming to your appointment.

**Wear face coverings for everyone age 3 and over.

**Use social distancing (stay at least 6 feet away from others)

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