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YES to Covid-19 Vaccines for Kids 5 and Over!

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

All our physicians at Mount Pleasant Pediatrics fully endorse COVID-19 vaccination for patients and our own family members 5 and over. We encourage you to vaccinate your kids before the holiday season begins. We do not currently offer the vaccine at our office, however, the Pfizer pediatric vaccine is available and easy to schedule online at the following recommended locations:

MUSC Covid vaccine scheduling

If you don't have a mychart account you may call 843-876-7227 to schedule

Tidewater Pharmacy Covid vaccine scheduling

Sweetgrass Pharmacy Covid vaccine scheduling

In addition to our COVID 19 page on our website, here are some helpful resources for your questions:*lt4916*_ga*NTk4NjAwNzMyLjE2MzU4NjA1Mjc.*_ga_FD9D3XZVQQ*MTYzNTk3OTg4Mi4yLjAuMTYzNTk3OTg4Mi4w

Please continue to check our COVID 19 webpage for further updates, recommendations, and resources!

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